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Canadian League Against Epilepsy

canadian league against epilepsy awards

2019 awards

2020 Non-Trainee Awards 

2020 Wilder Penfield Award - CLOSED 
Honouring a CLAE member for outstanding lifetime clinical and/or research contributions in epilepsy.

2020 Junior Investigator Award - OPEN FOR SUBMISSION
Honours a CLAE member within five years of their first academic appointment for outstanding research contributions in epilepsy. 

2020 Publication Awards -  OPEN FOR SUBMISSION 

The Canadian League Against Epilepsy is pleased to announce that the Call for Publications Awards is now open! Four prizes of $1000 will be awarded.

Call for Publication Awards

2020-2021 Epilepsy Post-Graduate Training Fellowship Award -  CLOSED

The Canadian League Against Epilepsy is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for the 2019-2020 Epilepsy Post-Graduate Training Fellowship Award (with a research component). This year, we are pleased to offer 3 separate awards of $64,000 each. 

Call for Proposals | Appel de Soumissions

Application Checklist

2019-2020 Epilepsy Post-Graduate Training Fellowship Award Recipients

Paule Lessard Bonaventure is a Canadian neurosurgeon. She succesfully completed her neurosurgery residency and clinician investigator program at Université Laval, Quebec, Canada, in 2019. She holds a master’s degree in clinical epidemiology and is currently a PhD candidate in epidemiology and biostatistics. Her doctoral thesis is on post-traumatic epilepsy and the use of continuous EEG in neuro-ICU. She was awarded a Charles Banting and Charles Best CIHR’s Scholarship and a FRQS/MSSS Resident Physician Health Research Career Training Program Award for her research training. After her 2020-2021 fellowship in epilepsy surgery at the University of Western Ontario, she will work as an epilepsy surgeon-scientist at the CHU de Québec-Université Laval.

Laura Gill is just finishing her neurology residency at UBC.  She is looking forward to her two year clinical-research fellowship in Epilepsy/EEG in Calgary starting in July 2020.  Her fellowship research will focus on using intracranial EEG-fMRI to refine the localization of the seizure onset zone under the direction of Dr Paolo Federico.  After fellowship she hopes to return to the Vancouver to help create a clinical/ research fMRI epilepsy program


Previous Winners

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