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Canadian League Against Epilepsy

Canadian Paediatric Epilepsy Network 

The Canadian Paediatric Epilepsy Network (CPEN) is a group of Canadian investigators with a special interest in paediatric epilepsy research. Our mission is to promote, facilitate and engage in collaborative research that will advance understanding of paediatric epilepsy, particularly regarding its pathogenesis, causes, natural history, diagnosis, management and its impact on the child and others.

As members of the Canadian League Against Epilepsy (CLAE), a registered Canadian charity, the mission and activities of the CPEN Committee will align with CLAE’s purpose:

The mission of the Canadian League Against Epilepsy is to enable Canadians affected by epilepsy to live a life that is not limited by their condition. Our goal is to develop, through research, innovative therapeutic and preventative strategies to avoid the consequences of epilepsy. We also want to translate these discoveries into applicable therapies for all Canadians. Finally, we want to promote national awareness and educate all Canadians about epilepsy and its consequences.

In keeping with this charitable purpose, members of CLAE interested in being involved in a research-based focus on paediatric epilepsy will form the CPEN Committee. The CPEN Committee has the following goals:

1. To facilitate communication among members with similar research interests.

2. To pursue research questions best answered via multicentre and multidisciplinary collaboration.

3. To promote collaboration with others whose interests overlap with ours.

Membership in the CPEN Committee

Membership is open to members of CLAE who have a research interest in paediatric epilepsy. CLAE members may apply to become part of the CPEN committee by applying to the Co-Chairs as follows:

Application for Committee Membership

A letter of application for membership, endorsed by one member of the CPEN Committee in good standing, should be submitted to clae@secretariatcentral.com. Upon review and acceptance by the Co-Chairs of the Committee, the member shall be known as a CPEN Investigator. Members of the CPEN Committee will all be members of CLAE in good standing (dues paid). No additional membership fee will be required to join the CPEN committee.

Terms of Reference

The Canadian Paediatric Epilepsy Network (CPEN) Terms of Reference can be found here.

Executive Committee:

Linda Huh (Vancouver) - Co-Chair

Elsa Rossingnol (Montreal) - Co-Chair

Klajdi Puka (Toronto) - Junior Representative, Secretary-Treasurer

Mary Lou Smith (Toronto) - Past Co-Chair

Members at Large:

Paula Brna (Halifax)

Ken Myers (Montreal)

Andrea Andrade (London)

Helen Xu (Winnipeg)

Julia Jacobs-LeVan (Calgary)

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