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Back in 1956, the stark reality was a state of general inertia on epilepsy in British Columbia (BC) as Dr. Juhn Wada arrived in Vancouver from Montreal, where a vibrant activity existed. The situation in BC at that time was probably not too different from that in other provinces and territories outside of Quebec. This realization became the driving force to search for mechanisms to invigorate the epilepsy movement in subsequent years. As we shall see in this historical overview, the creation of CLAE was deeply rooted in the hopes of boosting the epilepsy movement in Canada through a high-profile public event. It was thus intricately intertwined with events leading to the 10th International Epilepsy Congress in 1978, held in Vancouver. It was during the planning process for this Congress that the necessity of a national professional organization capable of hosting such a world-class event surfaced in our awareness.

Out of this realization was born the Canadian League Against Epilepsy

For more on its rich history, please read text here.

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