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Canadian League Against Epilepsy


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Thank you for presenting at the Canadian League Against Epilepsy's 2021 Scientific Meeting! 

We are looking forward to the virtual conference and appreciate your involvement and hard work in order to make this a successful event. To assist you with preparation, please review the details below .





Submit Your Form Checklist

  1. First fill out your CFPC disclosure slide (step 1) before completing the electronic agreement form.
  2. Fill out the agreement form (step 2), and upload your CFPC disclosure slide.
  3. Agree to the Speaker Release for Video and Audio Recording

Submitting your Presentation
Deadline: September 21, 2021

Please send a copy of your final presentation in a PowerPoint and a PDF version to events@secretariatcentral.com.  Make sure that your CFPC disclosure slide is included.  The PDF copy will be made available to registered delegates, post conference. 

 If your files are too large to be sent via email, we recommend you upload them to an external source for sharing i.e., Dropbox.

When emailing your files, please ensure that your file title contains your full name (ex. Talk Title-John-Doe).


In order to comply with important accreditation standards all presenters must complete or note the following:

  1. The provided disclosure slides must be used when preparing your presentation and declarations must be verbalized at the start of your presentation.
  2. A minimum of 25% of your presentation must be interactive and allow for Q&A.
  3. Generic, rather than trade names, must be used in presentations.
  4. Branding or sponsor logos are not allowed in presentation slides.
  5. It is important to write references on slides and incorporate evidence if possible.
  6. Include discussion of commonly encountered barriers to practice change.
  7. Speakers must comply with the Rx&D Code of Ethical Practices.
  8. Speakers must comply with the The Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA’s) policy guidelines on physicians’ interactions with industry.
  9. Speakers must comply with the Quebec Code of Ethics

      Oral Abstract Presentations

      If you have been selected to present an oral abstract presentation please see the guidelines below. You will have approximately 15 minutes to present, allowing 25% of your allotted time for questions and answers.

      In order to prepare for accreditation all speakers must complete steps #1 throug#3 listed above no later thaAugust 3, 2021.

      You must email your final  PowerPoint presentation and PDF copy to events@secretariatcentral.com no later than Tuesday, September 21.

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