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Canadian League Against Epilepsy

Management of Epilepsy


Although one’s lifestyle cannot cure epilepsy, there are many things individuals may do to minimize their seizures.

  • It is important to maintain a regular sleep schedule, get adequate amounts of sleep and practice good sleep hygiene because sleep deprivation increases the likelihood of seizures.
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise contribute to well-being and help to reduce stress which may help decrease the chance of a seizure. 
  • Stress may provoke seizures in some individuals and thus avoiding stress or acquiring techniques to deal with stress (relaxation techniques, counseling, meditation, yoga) are recommended for everyone with epilepsy.  
  • Recreational drugs and excessive alcohol ingestion should be avoided as these are potential triggers for seizures. 
  • As many people with epilepsy also have associated mood, anxiety, and sleep difficulties, it is important to treat these conditions as well. 
Practicing seizure precautions is important for safety and these are outlined in the “Safety Measures” section.

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