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Canadian League Against Epilepsy


Want to get the word out? The CLAE is happy to provide the resources and support you need to build excitement, boost donations, and generate awareness about epilepsy education to your family and friends! The materials below are available for downloadwe encourage you to re-post and share on all your social media.


Download this cover photo and upload it onto your Facebook profile to let your social circle in on this awesome endeavor!

Click here to download.


Download this cover photo and upload it onto your Facebook profile to let your social circle in on this awesome endeavor! 

Click here to download.


Download this image and post it on Twitter to tweet about this fantastic cause and your efforts! Make sure to use the hashtag #CLAE2019

Click here to download. 


Did you know that 80% of funds are raised within the first and last 3 days? Make sure to get started with a bang! Our highly recommended tips for Day 1 are as follows:

  1. Share on your Facebook/Twitter with a personal appeal.
  2. Post a 24-hour "story" on your Instagram/Snapchat.
  3. Change your Facebook profile and cover photos to match the campaign cover photo.
  4. Send an email blast to all your contacts.
  5. Send text messages to your 30 closest friends and family.
  6. Make phone calls to your 7 closest friends and family.

Every couple of days, you should update your social media with new pictures and stories with links to your campaign to donate. Once a week, you should repeat steps 4-6 with new email, text, and phone blasts. Be fun and imaginative!

Maintaining Momentum

So you've launched your fundraiser, shared it with your community, and started driving donations! What's next? In order to reach your goals, you need to keep the momentum going.

Social Media Post Updates

It's time to follow up your initial social posts with an update. Here are five ideas for how to help your fundraiser.

Describe CLAE's impact. Here's a chance to include more information about CLAE that you didn't get to mention in your first round of reach. Share data on how many people we serve and the outcomes of our service.

Tell a personal story. Share with your friends a time that CLAE or epilepsy affected you. It can be as simple as a time when it changed how you think about something.

Celebrate a milestone. Celebrating your progress is a great excuse to remind people about your fundraiser.

Thank a donor. You're going to have to do this anyway, so why not do it publicly while re-sharing your fundraiser? Don't forget to mention or tag your donors on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. 

Do a countdown. As aforementioned, 80% of funds are raised within the first and last 3 days. A countdown series on social media encourages stragglers, garners attention, and builds momentum and excitement!


Share this message with your family and friends. This works as a great caption as well!

Hi and thank you for taking a minute to let me explain why I’m participating in the 2019 CLAE Fun Run/Walk — and why your donation means so much!

The Canadian League Against Epilepsy (CLAE) is an organization full of medical and basic sciences professionals that take advantage of their passions and their knowledge in their respective fields to better respond to various basic needs of the epilepsy population, present and future.

The CLAE is on a mission to enable people with epilepsy to live their lives fully despite the constraints of this neurological disorder. Your donations are therefore essential to fuel the research required to improve patient care. With your generosity, people with epilepsy and members of the Canadian league will have a new breath of hope and courage to pursue their dreams – thanks to your help where it’s needed.

Together, we can make a difference in the future of Epilepsy.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal of (insert fundraising goal) by making a donation today. Please click here to make a donation.

Thank you so much for your support.


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