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Canadian League Against Epilepsy

Canadian Epilepsy Teaching Network of the CLAE 

The CLAE is proud to launch of the Canadian Epilepsy Teaching Network (CETN). We are excited to showcase monthly virtual rounds to be given by national and international experts in epilepsy. Sessions were designed based on the survey results conducted among the CLAE members and follow the ILAE competency-based curriculum. 


Rajesh RamachandranNair, (Program Director)

Aylin Reid (Director of Education, CLAE)

JP Appendino (Lead for Evaluation), Tadeu Fantaneanu (Lead for CPD)

Kevin Jones (EEG teaching Co-Lead), Eliane Kobayashi (EEG teaching Co-Lead)

Some sessions are recorded. Please click on the link

Mark your calendars for Fridays at 12 noon  (Eastern Time, Canada) for a riveting hour! 

Monthly sessions, Fridays at 12 noon Eastern Time.

Jan 15, 2021 Seizure and Epilepsy classification: End or Beginning Dr Sam Wiebe, Calgary
Feb 19, 2021    Seizure semiology: a video is worth 1 million words (Video link) Dr Jorge Burneo, London 
Mar 19, 2021  Epileptic encephalopathy: Emerging concepts (Video link) Dr Mary Connolly, Vancouver 
April 16, 2021  Rationale polypharmacy in the era of newer ASDs Dr Emilio Perucca, Italy
May 21, 2021 Precision medicine: Are we ready for prime time? (Video link) Dr Ingrid Scheffer, Melbourne 
June 11, 2021 CBD in Epilepsy: Current practice  (Video Link) Dr Elizabeth Thiele, Boston 
July 16, 2021 Novel surgical approaches in Epilepsy  (Video Link) Dr George Ibrahim, Toronto
Aug 20, 2021  Ketogenic diet: A call for individualized therapy! (Video Link) Dr Elaine Wirrell, Rochester
Sep 17, 2021 SUDEP: Knowns and unknowns influencing discussion (Video Link) Dr Elizabeth Donner, Toronto
Oct 15, 2021 Comorbidity in Epilepsy: Practical aspects of management Dr Mark Keezer, Montreal 
Nov 19, 2021 Status Epilepticus: Any change in concepts and management? Dr Teneille Gofton, London
Dec 17, 2021 Epilepsy in Women: Pregnancy, lactation and menopause Dr Esther Bui , Toronto 

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